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How can I get rich without a Job?

You’re just 10, so it’s not likely that large sums of money will come your way easily. Start saving every penny you receive. Help out with household chores, babysit and assist the elderly for some extra cash. Don’t get lured by those shiny toys and clothes. You WILL outgrow them. Use your money wisely and earn more by doing small jobs. On a daily basis, remind yourself that money is a positive thing. Try pampering yourself every once in a while — this could be a massage, manicure, or meal at an upscale restaurant — and get used to the comfort, security, and positivity that money can provide. It’s a friend that has the power to end sleepless nights of worry and physical pain, and can even save your life. The rich see money as a special friend that can help them in ways no other friend can, and these positive feelings lead them to build a stronger relationship every day.

Sell your clothes. Do you really need all that? Carlo Allegri/Getty Images There are few things more satisfying than purging, and the stuff you probably need to purge most are your clothes. Haven’t worn something in a year? Sell it on eBay, Poshmark, Grailed, or one of the other many services for selling used clothing. You might as well get some cash to buy something new. And if selling doesn’t make sense for any particular item, then donate! Someone else could use it. Getting Paid for Expert Advice, the AllExperts site appears to be all volunteer only with no mention anywhere of being paid for any expert answer posted. I do however appreciate your post/blog of all these opportunities. Do you have an opinion regarding the site JustAnswer as a viable paid to answer site?

Credit cards often offer cash back as a reward for making purchases. What this means is, for every purchase you make, the credit card company will give you a small percentage of the money back. The percentage differs between credit cards and categories. So, for example, one type of credit card might offer 1.5% cash back on all purchases. Another might offer 1% back on most purchases, but 5% back on gas and travel purchases. An app called Birch can help you figure out which credit card is best for a particular category. You also often have to reach a certain threshold of payment to be able to cash in. And cards will often allow you to redeem your cash back as “points” to purchase things directly from the credit card company’s website instead.

Cut back on ‘the big three’ One Minneapolis-based millennial has already managed to bank $250,000 by age 28 and is on pace to retire comfortably by age 37. And he doesn’t earn six figures. Part of the reason he’s been able to save so much is by focusing on three specific expenses: housing, transportation and food. After all, as he points out on his blog, the average American spends 70 percent of their annual budget on these three expenses. “If you can limit those expenses, that’s where your big time savings will come,” he tells CNBC Make It. But don’t just up your savings rate — put your extra savings to work. As self-made millionaire Grant Cardone says, “Investing money is how you will get super rich. The only reason to save money is to one day invest money.”

Did you feel a pressure to be successful?I always put pressure on myself to be successful, not because I wanted to re-live my childhood as an adult or wipe my arse with 24-carat loo roll, but because I wanted to fulfil my dream of being a professional musician. My dad would always encourage me to do whichever option resulted in the most potential financial gain, but I’d always convince myself there were better ways of doing things. I finally had the guts to move out two years ago, and have not had a relationship with my dad in this time. Since moving out and now living in a quaint little cottage in a village with my girlfriend and kitty cat, I have learnt not to measure success by how much money you earn, but by how happy you are with your life. Money won’t buy you a smile, but a smile sure can make you feel like a million quid.

How much you can make depends on the rental market in your area. If you have an apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, for example, you can stand to make a pretty penny by renting out your room while you go backpacking in Europe for the summer. But if you’re in Pittsfield, Maine, you might not find as much demand for your house’s extra bedroom. The general format is that a question will be posed to an expert, and you’ll provide your answer. If the asker approves your answer, they’ll pay out, and the site will give you your cut after intermediary fees.

There’s one exception: index funds. Investing in a small number of stocks is a volatile business. It’s possible to make a lot of money, but you could lose a lot, tooBut with a high yield savings account, you can get an APY of about 1%. It isn’t much, but it’s significantly higher than what a low-interest account would offer. Also, if you live in an area that has high end boutiques and/or resorts AND if you make hand crafted items, see if the two of you are a good match. I live in a tiny town in Ecuador so that doesn’t work so well for me but I still sell my wares locally. I certainly couldn’t make a living at it but while I’m house sitting and have time to listen to audio books, I crochet things and sell them. The two of those things bought me a tiny house full of custom-made furniture in a little over a year. Make a website and get advertisement revenue. Like this, but on the internet. LyleSMU102/Flickr If you’re an expert in a subject, but that subject isn’t fit for a book project or an online course, set up a website! Use WordPress, Weebly, or some other web-creation platform to make a site and make your guide there. Then sell online ads — which you can do with Google, for example— on your site so that you get some spare revenue whenever someone reads your work. If you’d rather implement a paywall instead of advertising, the startup Verst can help you do just that.

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