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How to start a businesss without mistakes?

start a business without mistakes

Don’t expect miracles with your first business. No matter what, you’ll make mistakes. The key to success, however, lies within learning from your mistakes. You should be talking with customers, understanding their pain points with your product/service, and even dealing with customer service issues. By being in the trenches, you’ll be able to determine what […]

Government grants for small businesses start up.

Government Grant

Microloans are loans under $50,000, and usually have easy eligibility requirements and reasonable interest rates. Many of the same organizations which provide grants, such nonprofits and government organizations, also provide microloans. So if you don’t qualify for a grant, we suggest asking the organization if they provide loans. Grants, assistance & other support Looking for […]

How can I get rich without a Job?

Rich Without working hard

You’re just 10, so it’s not likely that large sums of money will come your way easily. Start saving every penny you receive. Help out with household chores, babysit and assist the elderly for some extra cash. Don’t get lured by those shiny toys and clothes. You WILL outgrow them. Use your money wisely and […]

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